Through my eyes

I like to ride my bicycle

Image I just couldn’t help but write a little something about my bike!

She was purchased from Prahran for a birthday present to myself (October 2012) –
(And guess what, i brought the bell before the bike!! How could i not have. I love lady bugs and its was just chance i saw this little guy in a Peter Alexander store)Image

This wasn’t a impulse buy, because I am really good at those, this was a lot of research and test riding looking around for the right one (with so much help from my partner John) and I can confidently say that I am so over the moon with my buy. She wasn’t cheap, $499, but with internal shimano gears and an aluminum frame plus all my TLC I have no doubt she will last many years to come.

There’s heaps of brands out there, new ones and some have been around for many years. Just to name a few that i came along Schwinn, Papillionaire, Reid…My advise is to do your research, there’s a lot more to bikes than I ever thought!



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