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Owl pillow

I hate to say that I follow the ‘normal’ trends but lets admit it, we all do at times!

Sometimes it’s actually impossible not to when shopping in major shopping centers or even markets because when a particular style is out it is everywhere!

A fair few months ago I started seeing owl pillows popping up and then came the figurines, bedding, clothing and many more items in all shapes and sizes. I had seen a particular pillow at a market that caught my eye but for the price of $40 I wasn’t willing to buy it. I continued my search but couldn’t find the shape or colour that i liked (I’m a bit fussy at times!). One quiet afternoon i decided enough was enough and I’d make one myself!

I’ve used mums ancient sewing machine a hand full of times in my life and using this machine in particular does take some patience. With a little lesson from my mum and a quick trip to lyncraft I was on my way to creating my master piece.

In just a few hours i had created my little mate, Ollie The Owl!

His not perfect, but really, who is!

So here’s a run down of how i did it.

1. Choose fabric and buy along with stuffing (just from your local art shop)

2. Select a pattern OR what i did was google imaged owl pillows, found the one i liked then on cooking paper, free hand, drew the outline of the owl. Cut it out and there’s your pattern

3. Pin the pattern to your fabric (in my case i went el’cheapo and brought a scrap pack of material and then just sewed them all together to make a quilt affect) and cut the pattern out twice so you have 2 identical shapes. * Dont forget you need to make it slightly bigger than you want it as you need to leave room for the hemUsing felt i cut out circles for the eyes and a triangle for the beak and hand sewed them to the material – do this now.

4. Sew the 2 pieces together leaving a small hole (at the base of the owl so if you do a bodge job at hand sewing you cant see) and fill with stuffing. Hand sew the hole.






2 thoughts on “Owl pillow

  1. Love him!

    I’m currently making an owl doorstop who looks similar and also got into the whole sewing crafty thing in the first place because of a similar “I’m not paying THAT MUCH for that – I bet I could make one myself”

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