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Big Foot

ImageGrowing up i was never a girl who loved shoes. I think this was because I’ve always had big feet and by the time i reached the age where i liked wearing heels i was tall and felt out of place towering over others.
I think another huge reason for taking so long to enter the sparkling world of SHOES is because for most of my teenage years i was wearing mens shoes. I remember in high school all the girls were wearing ‘T bars’, they were the cool thing, but they didn’t come in my size.
My folks would spend a mint on my shoes, good quality leather Colorado (MENS) shoes and then all the blister packs and leather softener and expander etc etc as my heels would blister within 2 steps!
Ohhhh how i hate feet!
I’m a size 11 but these days i find that most size 11’s are either getting smaller or my foot is still growing!
Target – Most their 11’s fit, my most shopped store for shoes!
Jo Mercer – Depends on the style but they have better quality and better quality means more money!
Payless shoes, Kmart & Big W – They tend to be a small 11!

Any other bloggers out there with flippers as feet? Where do you shop for shoes??

My favourite pair of pain killing, ball aching heels from Jo Mercer. No pain no gain right..!


4 thoughts on “Big Foot

  1. I think size 11 shoes are getting smaller and going the way of clothing sizes! I used to fit into an 11 in any brand that offered it, but over the past year or so have found success in sizes ranging from 9 1/2 through to 12

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