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Planning a Hens Night

My sister, my only sibling, is getting married and i am so over the moon! I am literally filled to the brim with excitement.
I’ve been given the pleasure of being her maid of honour and one of my main duties was to organise the Hens day/night. Well it’s been a lot harder than i initially thought so i thought it would be nice to write about my experience and help any other girls out there who have been given the privilege!

1. The first thing i did was jump on Google and look up a planning check list, i actually found a pretty helpful one within minutes: http://theknot.ninemsn.com.au/wedding-planning/pre-wedding-events/hens-night/a-planning-checklist-2
(I did change it up a bit, tailored the list to how i wanted, but at least it gave me an idea of what i should be doing.)

2. Now it was time to plan the night. What were we going to do? Where were we going to go? I spoke to the 2 other bridesmaids to muster up lots of ideas. I also spoke to my sister to see if she was after something in particular but being the laid back person she is she just didn’t want men’s private parts in her face haha! The end conclusion was this, a day and night for all ages…
2pm-5pm: Afternoon tea (bring a plate of food, sweet or savory, to share and BYO alcohol) This way there’s no complaints about being too expensive. You can bring a bag of chips or make an antipasto platter. I will be making sangria (my sisters favourite) and also a mixed berry punch.
5pm-6:30pm: The people who are wanting to come out will be traveling into the city, i really would of loved to get a limo or bus but they are so expensive so i don’t think we will be doing this. I’ve got quotes from about 10 different companys and im looking at upwards of $300 for a one way trip and upwards of $600 return! Cab or a train looks to be the cheapest way.
6:30pm-9:30pm: Princes of the night, a stage show entailing near naked men 🙂 Ive heard nothing but great reviews about this and from peoples personal experiences that it suits all age groups. Some people say, its not their thing, but again we are all there to support and celebrate with the bride plus you never know if you never try! http://www.princes.com.au/
9:30pm onwards: The night will go on at a lounge in crown for some drinks and dancing.

3. Important step! Book any events you are attending before sending out your invites. I booked Princes and they were very helpful. You book for a tentative number of guests, put down a $300 deposit and you need to pay within full 20 days before the show date. Plenty of time to confirm numbers and receive everyone’s money.

Untitled4. Being a bit of an arty person i thought it would be a great idea to actually make the invites. Long story short, don’t do it unless you already have the material or have the funds. A lot of money wasted and a lot of un-needed stress. At the end of the day most people will throw the invitation away so as long as you get all your information on a piece of paper, or in a text, even in an email its not that big of a deal. I ended up designing and printing mine through vista print and it was so easy. I love them!
I ordered 40 invites (the back side has all the choices for the day / night), 40 free envelopes, 40 free return address labels and all for $54.11 including postage.

5. Next step, with the help of my sister & her other bridesmaid i gathered up all the postal address and mailed these bad boys off (I mailed them 3 months before the date, plenty of notice and i also needed money for Princes). My sister invited 50 people but as id only printed 40 invites some people needed to be put together, like family or close friends. The girls were a great help and within a week all the invites had been posted.

6. RSVP’s & money, what a pain in the butt. People are just useless at times! Since sending the invites out i have sent out 2 reminders and although everyone, bar 12 people, have replied i am still waiting on money. From here no more reminders will be sent, if i don’t hear from them or money isn’t received by 2/12 then they will miss out. I don’t see how hard it is to say if you are coming or not. People were waiting to see if the girls they knew were going and to be honest this made me annoyed. They are Alicia’s friend and if they are a good enough friend they will be there for her, to celebrate, to have a laugh and enjoy a girls night out. And i know this from experience, i’ve been to a hens night where i knew no one but everyone there to have a good time and i had a great night and met some lovely girls!

7. My next step will be to organise the games, buy the decorations and some food/drinks. I’m lucky enough to live right near a warehouse that sells everything for hens and bucks nights so i will be visiting real soon. Then on the day it will be setting the house up and getting all dolled up for a great night out! Now I need to buy a new dress!!! 🙂


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