The truth

Life in prision for children


Last night my partner and i watched the following documentary about life sentences for children in America – National Geographic: 15 to life

As of 2005, yes people, just a few years ago, America was giving out life sentences to CHILDREN. This was a shock to me, worse still there was talk of the death penalty too!
These small facts alone made me think, has humanity truly started loosing touch with some really important traits – forgiveness and compassion or are we really becoming a world driven by fear and punishment.

I’m not one for sweeping problems under the carpet or disbelief that people should pay for their actions but children…we are talking 15 years and younger.
This program truly disturbed me and even brought a few tears to my eyes.
How can we as individuals allow this.
A great comment a lawyer made in the case was ‘are you the same person you were when you were 14 years old?’.
Kenneth, now around 26 years old, has served 11 years in prison so far and although I’m sure there is much more to each side of the story i strongly believe that he and everyone else has a right to a second chance (within reason, if they have gone crazy and killed people and are a danger to themselves and society maybe not).
We all make mistakes but can you really say that we should deny these children of a life?
Is life in prison the only answer that we came up with, surely there is a million and one other options.
How and who actually approves this. Do they not have kids of their own.

I could write about this all night, how kids are easily influenced, how not everyone has a peachy upbringing, how every case is different and what about the other perpetrator who was 24 and got 1 life sentence but Kenneth at the age of 14 got 4 consecutive life sentences…please, watch the doco, we as people shouldn’t allow this to happen and if the day comes that Australia enforces this law I’ll be having a long think about if i would be wanting to call this home and bringing up my children in a place that allows these laws.


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