For someone who doesnt drink alot of coffee at all i guess it seems strange to buy a coffee machine but i guess what sucked me in was the sale. The coffee machine is usually $99 & the milk frother $29. I picked up both for $69! My partner is a coffee drink, 1 every morning, and i will have one maybe once a month while i’m out somewhere and I cant go past a Gloria Jeans mocha.
Because i don’t drink much coffee at all it needs to be a great coffee and i havent had a bad coffee from the S14. Unfortunately Gloria Jeans or Woolworths havent yet brought out a mocha pod there is weak-strong coffee, caramel flavoured coffee, chocolate & chai latte. I have tried all Gloria Jeans and love them all. For me the chocolate is not strong enough but it is still nice. The chai latte is the best ive tasted.

The set up is very self explanatory, you can find the step by step instructions here:
You much always keep the tank of water filled and then its as simple as popping in a pod (Gloria Jeans or Woolworths brand) and pulling down the lever. Place your mug under the spout, select 1 or 2 shots and voila!

I use the frothing paddle, the wire type one, and even though the instructions say to only fill to the minimum line i fill to the maximum line. Press the button once, i love froth so this gives me a cup full of milk & froth, voila!
Here’s a little guide for the perfect coffee:
– Cappuccino style: use the frothing paddle, fill milk to min line, press button one time
– Cold frappes: use the frothing paddle, fill milk to min line, press button 3 times
-Hot milk only: use mixing paddle, fill milk to max line, press button 2 times


rusk mc
I first saw the Miracurl outside of Hairhouse Warehouse Chadstone playing on a demonstration video. It all looked a bit too good to be true, i thought it was just another ‘easy to use, long last, curling product’. Another product that wouldn’t work on my hair and something i really didn’t need. You clamp down a strand of your hair, the Miracurl ‘sucks’ it in and out comes a curl, too easy right, well it is!!

Here’s a demonstration video:

A few month later my mum gave me a Miracurl for my birthday and what a great gift it was, i have now used it for every party, outing, dinner and any other event i have attended since October.
I love curling my hair for those special occasions and even though i have mastered the art of curling my hair with my GHD over the years its still an effort and very time consuming.

This little machine is miracle! It is so simple to use, its light (just a tad heavier than a GHD) and it takes me a max of 30mins to curl my entire head.
I’ve had my hair curled by hair dressers using a hair straightener and the curls have dropped in a few hours, even curling my hair with a GHD doesn’t last all night but every times i’ve used the Miracurl my curls last all day, all night and i can even wake up and still have curls for the next day.

-I like to wash my hair a day or 2 before as i find my curls stay longer if my hairs not silky and clean, in saying that i haven’t tried the Miracurl on freshly washed hair.

-There are 3 switches on the Miracurl, select your settings – My settings stay on III, 12, A
Heat (low to high): O I II III
Timer (seconds) : 0 8 10 12
Curl direction (Alternate, Left, Right): A L R
20140101_142746-Have the side with the small circle facing your head (this is important!)
20140101_142731-Place a piece of hair in the open section (no more than 3cm thick, it will beep straight away if you’ve put too much hair in and it will not work), press down and your hair will automatically be sucked up. I clasp the hair from about 1/4 the way from my scalp or for more natural looking loose curls i do half way down.
3 beeps will sound after your designated time, if you didn’t set a time just open when you desire but make sure not to hold down for too long or you will burn your hair, open the clasp and let the hair fall out.
I have had a piece of hair get tangled in the sucking up process but it works itself out, either getting sucked up with the rest of breaking off, but it has only happened 2 or 3 times.

-Repeat the same process all over your head and spray with hair spray (i do 1/4 than spray, than another 1/4 and spray etc). I use Garnier Fructis, Volume, Extra strong.

-Depending if it has all fallen nicely or not sometimes i just ran my fingers through sections of the curls to break them up, if they are all sitting how i want i dont touch them.


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